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Personal and Professional Growth

UBCO JDC West pairs you with coaches from faculty, industry professionals, and JDC West Alumni. You will spend several hours each week to enhance your ability to work in a multifaceted environment, which will provide you with the opportunity to improve your case breakdown skills, analytical and critical thinking, time management, public speaking, and ability to manage high pressure environments. By the end of a student’s JDC West experience, they will have the necessary skills to work hard, and efficiently, in their preferred industry.



At UBCO JDC West, we are a family. During these interesting times, connection is more important than ever: UBCO JDC West is a safe space to collaborate, connect, and share with other like-minded students. At UBCO JDC West, your health, safety, and well-being is our highest priority and we will find any way to help you thrive as a student and professional.

UBCO JDC West is passionate about organizing social events for our team in addition to regularly scheduled practice. This allows you to meet new friends, safely connect with peers and mentors, and truly enjoy the JDC West experience to the fullest.

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